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A Unique Twist on the Traditional Grilled Cheese Experience!

Cheezed Inc. is a Brand New (2022) Grab and Go Style Restaurant offering Grilled Cheeze Sandwiches created and inspired by a team of Local Chefs and the Cheezed group. Our Sides includes Fries, Chips, Soups, Hip Flavoured Drinks and Specialty Sauces! Our Goal at Cheezed is to provide a Unique ‘North American Experience’ to our Visitors, by way of Unique Menu Offerings, Friendly Customer Service and a Rustic Chalet Inspired Atmosphere. Our First Location, in the Heart of Blue Mountain Village, made its debut in February of 2022. We are open EVERYDAY of the year; including evenings, weekends and holidays! The Village at Blue Mountain welcomes over 1.8 million guests per year and operates 365 days of the year! 

Our Story

In the beautiful summer of 2019, amidst the wavy shores of Georgian Bay, the idea of Cheezed was born. 3 friends and entrepreneurs would begin to embark on a journey of epic proportions. 

After months of business development, product testing and menu crafting the concept of Cheezed was becoming a reality. The creative juices continued to flow like a river of melted Gouda throughout the year. Each new creation was thoroughly tested and tweaked to ensure mouth watering perfection. Having easily consumed hundreds of grilled cheeses combined, the friends were confident that perfection of the centuries old sandwich was achieved. With 2020 proving to be a formidable year for many, the friends knew the only remedy would be cheeze.

Location, location, location! With such a deep connection to the Mountain and the Southern Georgian Bay Area the friends agreed it was imperative that the first location for Cheezed be in the beautiful Village at Blue Mountain. Founded in 1999, the Village is now home to over 50 shops and restaurants and has become a world class destination that welcomes over 1.8 million guests per year.

Finally, after years of preparation and months of renovations the Grand Opening had finally arrived! Justin, Nick, Dan and the entire team at Cheezed are ecstatic to invite you to come see us and to enjoy our unique twist on the North American classic!

We make real food by hand, fresh to order.
It’s not the fastest way – it’s the right way.


The menu is a unique twist to the traditional grilled cheeze with a variety of cheezes, breads, butters and toppings to satisfy all types of sandwich lovers. Young and old! .

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